What Energy Powers Your Soul?

You were born not only under the influence of an astrological sign but, according to the day and year you were born, your soul began a journey that is guided by a spirit deeper than your sun sign.

According to the centuries-old practice of the Tarot, which incorporates astrology and numerology into one belief system, we all walk the “Fool’s journey” which starts from a place of no fear (#0 The Fool) and takes us on an upward and outward climb to completion (#21 The Universe) throughout different stages in our lives.

The Tarot is like a symbolic map of consciousness that reveals the challenges and opportunities available to us every day. The images move us to feel, think, and use our intuition toward specific actions to not only live but to truly thrive. Every card reflects an internal guidance that can be externally applied.

Truth be told: we were all born with a unique spirit that is guided by the
extraordinary energy of the Universe.

Your Soul Symbol

Your soul ‘symbol’ is a mirror into the deepest core of who you are and can be drawn upon to inspire you to be your most authentic self. Knowing what your soul symbol is, provides inspiration and guidance to be your best self during the best of times and the most challenging of times.

Some people are born with two symbols: soul and personality. For these people, the personality symbol represents your expression in the outer world, the gifts you bring into this lifetime and it provides a peek into how others see you. Having two symbols simply means that y powerful energies.

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