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“And I’d choose you;

In a hundred lifetimes,

In a hundred worlds,

In any version of reality,

I’d find you and

I’d choose you.”



We are in a time of awakening…

More people, young and old, are daring to have the courage to change.


Change wakes us up and opens the door to our greatest fears. It pushes us to confront everything that wants to move inside us. I believe we need to get raw, to force ourselves with great passion to bare the darkness so we can discover the light.


Nothing has awakened my soul more than the pain of my broken marriage and, at the same time, nothing has given me more (courage) strength. It is, for me, a moment of impact. We all have these ‘moments of impact’ that have effects far beyond what we can predict. They come crashing down and send us on great adventures we never imagined. Moments like these, no matter how hard we try, we can’t control how they’ll affect us; they stir our senses and move us to think and feel differently.


The catalyst for my moment happened a few years ago when I met someone who I recognized as my twin flame – a man with whom, I believe, I have traveled through many lifetimes. A twin flame, or twin soul, is a person we feel connected to not just on a physical and emotional level, but on a soul or spiritual level.


Have you ever had the feeling you already know someone you just met? Have you looked into a stranger’s eyes and felt something stir deep inside you, like a sudden longing? These connections are brought to us by our angels who guide us through the darkness and the light. We cry for them when we’re alone and allow ourselves to feel the pain. Some of us shut down and add another layer of protection, but some of us open the door and we’re given the answer in the form of these beautiful beings – the flames that spark the change we need to make.


Twin flames come to us as great teachers. They reflect our most authentic selves; the part of us that’s sometimes dormant and needs to blossom. They help us name what needs to burn so we allow the sadness to help us evolve and the happiness to take us higher.


And because the Universe is at the same time brilliant and destructive, sometimes our twin flame only stays with us for a short time. As quickly as they come in, they disappear and leave us to do our work – to move our lives in new directions, to live deeper and richer, to feel more and to be more genuine. I knew my meeting would end in parting, but through the pain of losing my twin flame, I fell more deeply in love with myself.  It is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given in this lifetime.


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